Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Easy A

Last night I saw Easy A, as I indicated I would in an earlier post.  Nice enough film. 

People will see this film and find it both very tempting and easy to write it off as teen comedy garbage, and I'll be honest, in a lot of ways, it probably is.  However, I'm not saying this was a bad film, as far as teen comedy garbage goes, this is a pretty standout example of the genre. 

Emma Stone plays Olive Penderghast, an unpopular, unnoticed high school (or community college or something?) student who invents a tale of her sexual escapades, to recount to her best friend.  Her story is overheard, and pretty soon everyone in the entire school thinks shes a massive superslut.  Olive decides, that this need not necessarily be a bad thing, and basically decides to troll everyone into thinking shes a massive whore.  Teenage shenanigans ensue, reputations are ruined, people get some serious butthurt, people get some serious payback, roll credits. 

If anyone is able to look past the teen spoof aspects of this film, there's actually some pretty impressive acting, and very clever dialogue.  Emma Stone is fantastic, she delivers an energetic performance and slips into character so very nicely.  The roles of her parents are also filled brilliantly by Stanley Tucci, and Patricia Clarkson, their performances earn this film significant merit. 

Sadly there were some pretty cringeworthy moments weaved into what would of otherwise been a completely entertaining film.  The storyline itself doesn't really stand out as anything special either. 

Look there are deffinitely some lulz to be had here, it won't win any awards, but if you're sitting around home this weekend thinking "maybe I should leave the house this month" like I do every so often, then do yourself a favour and kill 92 minutes and $16 with this film. 


  1. Thanks for the review, might consider giving this a watch.

    Great blog.

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  3. $16 dollars is a bit much to spend on any film O.o

    I will check this out once it hits dvd/blu-ray though. Critics did like this one according to

  4. $16 - the sad state of the Australian cinema industry.

  5. nicee :)

  6. damn shes fuckin hot, takin me girl to this in a couple weeks

  7. I'll probably pass on this one, just doesn't seem to agree with my tastes. Great review though, and I agree with MacPCharmony about the blog design!