Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Kids Are Alright

Ok, ok so after seeing this film some may accuse me of indie-dabbling douche-baggery but I think when a film manages to score 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, it's earnt my patronage. 

Starring Mark Ruffalo (one of my favorite actors), Julianne Moore, and Annette Bening, the film centres around some kids who are allright. 

Ok it isn't quite that straightforward, basically; Moore and Bening are a Lesbian couple, they have some kids, who were concieved by a sperm donation, the kids grow up, they learn that Ruffalo was the bloke that provided their...ermmm...donation I guess....Then Ruffalo's life becomes intertwined with theirs, and then some shit no one cares about happens.  The End.

Acting in this film is A+.  Brilliant performances all round.  Direction is nicely done, and the plot tells a pretty cool story (bro).  I did have some criticisms though, the most striking of which would be poor time management on the writing/directorial side of things.  It ended way too abruptly, there was a lot to keep track of in this film, a lot of sub-plots and backstory, and it just kind of felt like towards the end it got to a point where they realised what they were making was pretty lengthy and they just had to kind of forcefully shut everything down without tying the storyline off properly. 

Nonetheless, the film was enjoyable, there were some lols to be had, and some great performances.  I'm not quite sure it's 96% material but it wasn't exactly a long way from it either. 


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  2. ha sounds interesting, i cant imagine thats what ruffalo was expecting

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  5. def gonna see this now, thanks man

  6. came back to actually read the review. i was intrigued by this premise, but unsure about it. i'll have to check it out now. good review man


  7. Supp

    Good review. Movie wasn't exactly to my taste. but still, i really like the way you approach the reviews.

    Lovely blog :3

  8. I hate when I get swamped by huge sub-plots, unless they all come back together to perform a fantastically climactic ending such as in Snatch. I like the whole blog concept here, it seems honest. I just started following, a follow sent my way would be appreciated too! haha.

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